Charlie & The Lesbians (nl)

Currently one of the hardest live acts on Dutch stages; Eindhoven's Charlie & The Lesbians. It’s like a dark, raw, manic mix of Sex Pistols, The Stooges and nihilistic post-punk. The band members are a brother and a sister, her girlfriend and a classic punk guitarist enjoying some heavy stage makeup. It immediately becomes clear that this is the band you should really go see live. And oh, boy, will you remember it! Either by the bruises from the inevitable moshpit, powered by racing electric guitar, heavy bass lines and unstoppable drum beats, or by sweaty half-naked frontman Charlie screaming right at your face. Put on your helmet and go see them at Grauzone!

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Date: Saturday February 9 

Location: Paardcafe  

Time: 21.55 - 22.45