Garcon Taupe (nl)

Roaming around in the Dutch underground since 2001, Garçon Taupe contributed tracks to many compilations and debuted with his debut Wittenburg EP and brought a mix of italo, synthpop, electro and acid and appeared in 2009 as part of Narrominded Split LP #4, with compatriot Legowelt taking care of the flipside. Opening track Lobo grabbed some attention and was voted ‘Dance Track of the Year’ by the visitors of the now defunct music website Eclectro. In 2017, Garçon Taupe released the acid drenched EP The White Spider on the Enfant Terrible sublabel Gooiland Elektro which sold out within three months. Followed by his ultimate electro EP Kiklop which came out last year on Narrominded. Expect an intense dancable live set with modular synths, dark electronic beats with hints of acid and techno.

Friday: Het Magazijn - Time tba

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