Though the name suggests otherwise, Group A is currently a solo project by Tommi Tokyo. What started as a Japanese experimental music and performance art act evolved over the last seven years. Group A was formed in 2012 by Tommi Tokyo (electronics and vocals) with Sayaka Botanic (violin, sampler and cassette tapes) and Kaoru (Vocals, percussions).Their early shows came as a shock to most audiences, with a mixture of avant-garde noise, intense poetry reading and performance art including nude live-painting. They quickly became a popular act in Tokyo’s underground venues. 

Kaoru moved to London while Tommi & Sayaka continued as a duo when they did their first European tour in 2015. This resulted in the Duo moving to Berlin and they got to play some key festivals such as CTM-Festival, Donaufestival, Steirischer Herbst, Le Guess Who? and OFF Festival. 

As Sayaka goes on a long break for her other commitments, Tommi Tokyo makes a fresh start in 2019 with her new solo performance shows. In addition she collaborates with Berlin based visual artist ‘DEAD SLOW AHEAD’. Tommi Tokyo is working on a 4th studio album by the time we announce this exclusive Grauzone show. Group A is a creative entity that continues. 

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