Hackedepicciotto (ger)

"Hackedepicciotto" is the cinematic drone project of American interdisciplinary artist Danielle de Picciotto and German composer/musician Alexander Hacke, founding member of influential German industrial band Einsturzende Neubauten and, according to band leader Blixa Bargeld, the "musical director of the band". Both of them are also members of "Crime & The City Solution"

Their live shows are, to put it mildly, intense. Danielle specializes in unusual instruments such as the Hurdy Gurdy, the auto harp and the cemence besides playing the violin and piano; Alexander is master of the bass, guitar and drums. Together they create beautiful, existentialistic, acoustic soundscapes, which roar and vibrate simultaneously leaving their audiences shaken but overjoyed. Earlier in 2017 they played a sold out Grauzone show in Amsterdam and they're back with a fresh released double LP ''Menetakel'' to play at Grauzone Festival.


KOORENHUIS: 22.00 - 22.50