Hante. (fr)

Hante. is a one woman project from Paris. Behind the synths, Hélène de Thoury is escaping the reality and facing her fears. Through her cold, synthetic and melancholic music, she reveals herself and offers deep emotions, mixing haunting darkwave and striking electronics. Hante.'s autumn and winter of 2019 is all about touring Europe and the UK. Hélène de Thoury is supporting familiar Grauzone artist, Lebanon Hanover and Boy Harsher the first part of the tour, to continue the trip with Sólveig Matthildur from Stockholm to Berlin to St. Petersburg. This tour brings us her latest album “FIERCE” – January 2019 – wich has been reviewed as a bold sensory attack on modern darkwave sensibility. On the other hand Fierce is perhaps the most approachable Hante. has been. After her noteworthy projects Phosphor and Minuit Machine, Hante. started doing solo shows in 2014, in 2020 will be the first time at Grauzone.

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