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Lebanon Hanover (ger)

Lebanon Hanover are Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline, two hopeless nostalgics that met in Summer 2010 and were nausea- ted by the overproduced obnoxious digital music of the time. They threw away their studies/jobs and dedicated their life to the analog world of the early 80s’ sounds of love and true feelings. Eventually, they bought an old MS20 and locked themselves up in William’s parent’s house in Sunderland, the UK. Lebanon Hanover always felt like they feel a bit more than the rest, so getting lost in literature, art aesthetics and brutal forests helped to cope with feelings of isolation. Their albums are an honest result of two forsaken manic depressives, blending lush synthesizers with wavey guitars on top of Williams solid strong basslines. Larissas humoristic point-black English / German lyrics are the distinguished mark of the band.


Date: Saturday February 9 

Location: Grote zaal, Paard  

Time: 19.45 -20.45