Linea Aspera (uk)

They are back! Linea Aspera released their instant classic self titled debut album back in 2012, played the-first-ever Grauzone festival in 2013 and went quiet after that. But after a hiatus of six years a ‘lost recordings’ is released in 2019 and it is safe to assume Ryan Ambridge (Synths/Programming) and Alison Lewis (Vocals/Synths) have brought Linea Aspera back to life! 

Turns out there is a rough line for this synthpop / minimal darkwave duo from London between their shared passion for coldwave, early electronic body music, collecting vintage analogue synthesisers and actually performing together. With the knowledge the duo is going to play a couple of  highly anticipated shows in a few European cities, Grauzone 2020 amongst others, the time must be right for Linea Aspera. Ryan serves up an icebox of dark doom riding on Alison's powerful vocals with a soft but sharp touch.

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