Lydia Lunch & Weasel Walter - Brutal Measures

Some people or artists have a muse, but sometimes a festival can have one. Grauzone has a really special one: Lydia Lunch – The Queen of No Wave. Lydia played with different formations at Grauzone; Teenage Jesus and The Jerks, a spoken word performance, and she played different shows at Grauzone events through the years. This time she's back with Weasel Walter, known of The Flying Luttenbachers and part of many projects with Lydia. Lydia is a multidisciplinary artist; she writes and plays music, writes poems, plays in movies, and does spoken word and performances. For this Grauzone edition, Lydia and Weasel present "Brutal Measures", a longform composition featuring tense spoken word versus manic free drumming outbursts, glued together by cryptic electronics. Go see Lydia for a full intense experience that will never dissapoint you!

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Koorenhuis: 20.45 - 21.30