Michael Gira (us)

Michael Gira is the legendary frontman and mastermind behind the iconic experimental post punk/post rock SWANS. He is the creator of some of the most intense, darkly poetic music ever to emerge from the States. For Gira, going acoustic is about drawing out the dynamics, the drama and threat of his music by slicing it to the bare bone.

His solo performances are raw, to the point, and emotionally powerful. After dissolving Swans in 1997 (and re-forming in 2010) Gira released his first solo album with Angels of Light. At Grauzone Gira will perform a unique acoustic set where you will feel the threat and intensity of his performance. Gira is still out to disturb and unsettle, a show not too be missed!

Paard - Kleine Zaal: 23.15 - 00.15