Unit Moebius Anonymous (nl)

Unit Moebius were the godfathers of The Hague’s industrial techno/planet rock scene and Europe’s only true answer to Underground Resistance from Detroit. Their influence can still be heard in contemporary dance music and some of the greatest acts such as Aphex Twin who claim to be a fan!

In the 1990s The Hague had a leading role worldwide in the development of quality electronic music: underground acid, techno and electro. The "west coast sound of Holland", as it would later be referred to, was not limited to one genre. It was an evolving and dynamic scene with many different artists and labels, initially popular for its raw and relentless techno from acts such as Unit Moebius and other Bunker Records (1992) artists that frequently ventured into acid, experimental, noisy and even industrial territory.

After a hiatus of almost ten years a rebirth took place in 2007, when key player of the band, Jan Duivenvoorden, started producing and playing live again as Unit Moebius Anonymous. It’s an absolute must for any techno fan to witness a live performance by Unit Moebius Anonymous. His industrial yet spiritual live sets are from another planet. Techno will never sound the same again!

PAARD - KLEINE ZAAL: 03.00 -04.00