Watch first live recordings of new band of Steve Shelley, Ernie Brooks & Matt Mottel

Steve Shelley_Matt_Mottel.jpg

A few weeks ago we announced a last addition for GRAUZONE 2019 w/ Members of Sonic Youth, The Modern Lovers & Talibam. Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Ernie Brooks (The Modern Lovers) & Matt Mottel (Talibam!) have been in the practice room since July. Their sound is a mix of a Sonic Youth/Modern Lovers rhythm section, with Keytar/synthesizer buzz and blur from Matt. They label their music « original nyc UFO music ».

But since there were no recordings online and the forthcoming EP ‘‘Don’t you know who I thought I was’’ wasn’t even released, we only could trust the description of the band itself, which made us extremely curious ofcourse, and it also a suprise for the Grauzone audience. But last night they played their second show in the OCCII, Amsterdam. A venue where we as Grauzone organise shows as well.

So to make it all a bit easier and to convince you have to see this band, we recorded some songs for you:

As a bonus the band played a couple Modern Lovers songs:

Listen here to the original version of The Modern Lovers from 1972:

Steve Shelley, Ernie Brooks & Matt Mottel will perform at Saturday February 9 on 18.30 - 19.15 at Paard, Grote Zaal. Check out the full timeschedule.

natasja alers