Pasiphae is a Greek electronic music producer & DJ living in The Hague.

With an open mind for experimentation, eagerness to try out various analog & digital equipment, she released a record together with Intergalactic Gary. Combining their talents, gear & ideas, they released their first four track EP at the end of 2016, "Made of glass" on label BioRhythm. Since then she released here first solo record named ''Siphax EP'' on Artificial Dance. Her style lapses between machine driven but also melodic electro, left field techno & acid, new beat, ebm & wave.

Pasiphae, a very promising DJ delivers a very energetic, refreshing and dance-driven set. Keep an eye on her..


Date: Friday Febraury 8

Time: 02.30 - 05.00

Location: Het Magazijn