Pink Turns Blue

Influential dark wave/post-punk pioneers Pink Turns Blue from Berlin return to the Netherlands for the first time in more than 20 years! Formed in 1985, they quickly put out their first LP, If Two Worlds Kiss (1987) expressing a sound reminiscent of new wave with very dark undertones and use of synthesizers. They became one of the pioneers of the developing subgenre of first darkwave with the release of their 2nd LP Meta (1988) When it comes to actual darkwave, Pink Turns Blue are rightly regarded as one of the founding acts. Their 3rd album Eremite (1990) had a cold wave influences and included the hit ''Michelle''.

 PINK TURNS BLUE perfected a moody new-wave swagger with a dark-wave sensibility, and had a run of excellent singles including the ubiquitous ‘Walking On Both Sides’. It's one of the few bands that made many underground hits which are still played at dark wave/goth parties and with millions of youtube views. Songs like "Michelle", "Walking on Both Sides", "Your Master Is Calling", "The First", "I Coldly Stare Out", "Touch the Skies". In 1995 the band split up, but reformed in 2003 and since then released four studioalbums. The latest album is “The AERDT – Untold Stories” (2016) which according to ''Reflections Of Darkness'' zine was ''one of the surprising, most interesting and even original sounding albums of 2016''.

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Date: Saturday February 9 

Location: Kleine Zaal, Paard  

Time: 23.00 - 01.00