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Qual (uk)

Lebanon Hanover's William Maybelline returns after the great Lebanon Hanover 2019 Grauzone show with his solo project Qual. His darker, gloomier and heavier synth electro EBM sound. It has been clear from the start Maybelline always was inspired by the harsher sides of music. It touches on the goth, industrial and even the techno scene. Qual is welcoming a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter. With terror and restless chaos cometh the digital age condemned to be digitally transformed. Cometh hybrids, mutated humans a depletion of organics.

The latest and grimmest 2019 EP ‘Cyber Care’ is out now on Avant Records (Rendez-Vous, King Dude, Sally Dige) and got great reviews. Peek-A-Boo-Magazine concluded: “A wonderfully beautiful, slightly edgy gem, this Cyber Care!” “Now, Maybelline has perfected his synthesis even further” At this exclusive NL show you will get to experience this 90’s EBM with what CVLT Nation describes as a ''in your face collection of songs that will have your body moving!''

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