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Shame (uk)

Shame have been together just over four years and in that time have been named the most viscerally thrilling new band in the UK many many times. Even though this calls for caution, they did stand out with their punk attitude, sarcasm and smarts. They came arising from South London and the lawless rehearsal space “The Queen’s Head”. It was the filthy incubator that shaped the band and opened their eyes to whole new ways of life. Shame is the (post-)punk band well known for their exciting, sometimes exploding, live performances with which they have done an extensive tour even before their first album ‘Songs of Praise’ was released in January 2018. After this album ‘Best Line of Fit’ imagined these five South London school friends are raised on a diet of The Birthday Party and The Fall. 

Clash music about the album: “In context and execution, ‘Songs Of Praise’ is one of the most daring, scorching, seething intelligent, and at times downright funny British guitar albums to come our way in years.”

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