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Shellac (us)

Legendary rock producer Steve Albini will with the stage 'his' experimental loud rock band Shellac at Grauzone !

Guitarist Albini started in 1992 in Chicago, Illnois together with Todd Trainer. Not much later Bob Weston of Boston's Mission of Burma and Volcano Suns joined the band.

Both Weston and Albini are record engineers. They work only with analogue techniques and equipment. Albini, the most known producer of the two was also a bandmember of noiserock bands Big Black and Rapeman. As a producer, he recorded more than a 1000 albums, like as Iggy & The Stooges, Nirvana, Fugazi, PJ Harvey, The Pixies and dutch bands as The Ex and not to forget to mention two records of Vitamin X of guitarist Marc Emmerik, also co-organiser of Grauzone!

Shellac is known for their loud, intense shows, but also for one or more "question and answer" sessions at their live shows, where members of the band respond. At the symposium Albini will be interviewed by John Robb and will take his time to answer all your questions!


Date: Saturday February 9 

Location: Kleine Zaal, Paard  

Time: 22.45 - 00.15