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Stephen Mallinder (uk)

After having Richard H. Kirk over at Grauzone 2018, now it is time to invite co-founder and frontman of industrial legends Cabaret Voltaire, Stephen Mallinder. He is about to release his first solo album in over 35 years. Currently Mallinder is a professor of Digital Music & Sound Art at the University Of Brighton. Mallinder’s “Um Dada” is the only follow up after his first solo album “Pow-Wow” in 1982. “Um Dada” is laced with leftfield house and cut-up sound collages. It will be out on Dais Records (Drab Majesty – Hide – Cold Cave – Coil) in October ’19. 

After playing in ‘Wrangler’ Stephen Mallinder is back with a very exclusive EU première solo show at Grauzone. When he is about to play “Um Dada”, let’s think back on his statement: 

“We don’t need to back that far but Um Dada is about ‘play’ – cut and paste, lost words, twisted presents, voice collage, simple sounds – things that we have been lost to technology’s current determinism. If you had a 4-track cassette, a drum machine, a synth (nothing fancy but with a decent organ sound) and a microphone, plus delay, you were in business. MIDI? let the machines talk to each other, let them dance… They lead we follow.”

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