Tamaryn (nz / us)

Tamaryn the project and the person is New Zealand born, L.A. based, who released four full length albums, an EP and a ton of singles and other projects in the past 10 years. With her dark shoegaze / dreampop Grauzone Festival will be her first time touring in The Netherlands. Her 2019 album ‘Dreaming The Dark’ got, besides the good reviews, some special features. 

Deb Demure (Drab Majesty) & Jorge Elbrecht play guitar on the song “Terrified”. It got Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie inspired to make a remix himself! If this isn’t wild enough already… Tamaryn can be spotted under the bridge in Boy Harsher’s latest video ‘Send Me A Vision’ and boy, she has a vision.

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