The Messthetics (us)

Fugazi’s formidable rhythm section, drummer Brendan Canty and bassist Joe Lally reunite in The Messthetics for the 1st time in 15 years, joined by experimental guitarist Anthony Pirog. The band released an album on Dischord Records earlier this year. The instrumental music they create is like no other; memorable, relatable and transcendent jazzy punk. That's what happened when the bass and drums from D.C.'s pioneering punk band Fugazi crisscrossed with Anthony Pirog, a young, brilliant, skillful, electric guitarist from the Washington area, who had been listening to Fugazi since childhood.

Brendan Canty (who also drums for MC50): ''It’s been an absolute dream come true to be able to play with Joe again and I think he’s pretty amped-up, too. He is, to me, the best bass player in the world. To actually get up on stage with somebody that you last played with 15 years beforehand was phenomenal. We still have the muscle memory of playing, and that the same high octane level that Fugazi played at is still there!'' (the Quietus)

They'll be on a very short mainland Europe tour for the first time. This is your chance to see the most potent rhythm section in modern punk rock! Dont miss it!

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Date: Saturday February 9 

Location: Kleine Zaal, Paard  

Time: 20.20 -21.20