The Soft Moon (us)

Californian electronic post-punkers The Soft Moon are one of the best and most successful bands in this field for years with their experimental mix of Darkwave, Post-Punk, industrial and Krautrock. In 2016 they played a killer show at Grauzone's Summer Special and will now return to present songs from their brandnew fourth album “Criminal” (on Sacred Bones) which will be released only a few days before their show at Grauzone! Originally a one-man project of Luis Vasquez, they debuted with their first record in 2010, and gave krautrock and wave a new life with a stripped-down, lo-fi approach and made a big impact in the alternative scene. They combine a dark sound with a hypnotic and rhythmic cadance that brings you into another dimesion. Now there will once again be a chance for fans to expand their senses and experience the dark and incredibly intense live shows of THE SOFT MOON.

Paard - Grote zaal: 21.00 -22.00

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