Sally Dige (can)

Berlin-based Canadian Sally Dige is an artist, designer, performer and creator of Synth-Wave Electronic Pop. Sally Dige is known for her darkly poetic yet highly danceable electro-pop songs, DIY stylistic videos, design and visual art. Sally‘s deep and commanding voice, coupled with her analogue-visual-processes and overlapping artistic mediums has formed an identity that oscillates between the edges of aggression and fragility, old and new.

Her latest album Holding On was created during a time of intense inner turmoil. Sally did not let the weight of her circumstances break her, instead channeling all of her pain and fears into the production of a series of incredibly powerful songs. Stunningly, Sally only used her voice and a single synth to create this album. But overall Sally Dige doesn't need much to get a powerful sound and will definitely keep you dancing all night long.

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